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Dine with the unique dishes of Pho Hoi in a luxurious and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy great cocktails by the pool

Cosy Square 2
Cosy Square_

Cozy Square Restaurant

Cozy Square Restaurant is located right near the hotel lobby with spacious space – perfect for events, conferences with a…
Cosy Restaurant_
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Cozy Restaurant

Cozy Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Le Pavillon Paradise Hotel. With elegant decor and warm space, Cozy…

Goc Pho Cafe

Bright coffee as a feature of the town people. With a prime location right in the middle of the busy…
Tavern sky Bar
Tavern Sky Bar1

Tavern Sky Bar

One of the highlights of Le Pavillon Paradise Hotel & Spa is the rooftop pool. So it is flawed without…